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The Seven Sacred Feathers Vision & Mission

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Selena Urbanovitch

Owner & Creator of Seven Sacred Feathers

Seven Sacred Feathers vision is to curate and nurture a community built through meaningful collaborations with fellow artists, authors and intuitive advisors by creating an inclusive, safe space for people to explore healthy healing modalities by connecting with Mother Nature’s jewels and intuitive advisors whose heart mission is to help others heal, reignite their passions and increase vitality, clarity and love by means of sharing knowledge and experiences to help others discover and navigate their path.


By sharing the Seven Sacred Teachings of our ancestors, Seven Sacred Feathers goal is to help individuals discover and ignite their Divine inner light, strengthen their inner compass, and nurture strong and balanced energy and physical bodies, leading them on a spiritual journey designed exclusively for them.


The Seven Sacred Teachings of Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility and Truth help us to know ourselves better and be true to our calling!


With love,

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