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Readings by Scott

Scott is the oldest child of a residential school survivor. His dad was raised in such a "school" in Inuvik, NWT from the age of 6/7 until 18. Scott's heritage from his dad's side is Inuit and Cree.


Scott is a naturally born Medium, Empath and Healer. He has been able to communicate and sense energies of all sorts since before he can remember, without an understanding. At the age of 12, while attending Catholic school, these gifts became enhanced where he was unable to function effectively and thought he was going insane. With the conflict of his Christian upbringing and these "unexplainable happenings", he tried to hide from the energies as much as he could until 2015, when he had a near death experience in the Elk River in Fernie. The river cleansed Scott on a soul level. Scott truly began accepting his path and gifts and began his journey of remembrance (training) after the river experience.


There are many labels’ people attach to Scott - Psychic, Medium, Shaman, Teacher, Healer, among others.  For the last 5 years he has been guiding individuals and groups in the practice of Meditation, holding weekly circles (previously in person, currently online for the last 2 years) in which he does Oracle Card Readings, Indigenous storytelling and guided meditations. 

Upon purchase, please contact Scott at or 403-483-2690 to arrange your reading.


15min reading $30

30min reading $60

45min reading $90

60 min reading $120

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