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Seven Sacred Feathers  Smudge Spray

Seven Sacred Feathers Smudge Spray

A smokeless way to smudge your space as well as your self. (For external use only, do not in-jest)

Please shake before use



Distilled water

Lavender essential oil

Palo Santo essential oil

Sage essential oil

Cedar wood essential oil

Clear Quartz Crystals


A secret recipe founded almost a decade ago. I had visited an apothecary many moons ago in search of essential oils that could be used together to make a smudge spray that would work well. This spray has been with moon energy and sat with selenite too have a high vibration for your use!





Seven Sacred Feathers Smudge Spray

  • All sales are final. In case of a product arriving damaged, please email details to Selena at to arrange for a replacement or store credit.

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