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Palo Santo

Palo Santo

Produced from the wood tree called Bursera graveolens, Palo Santo translated means ‘holy wood’.

Palo Santo smoke may be burned as an energy cleanser, during spiritual ceremonies, or used medicinally by means of gentle aromatherapy. (Never directly inhale the smoke of palo santo as it is not safe to do so. Simply allow your senses and clairs to be awakened and recharged by burning in a safe space in your home, and burn in short spans).


Due to the dense resin content that naturally occurs in palo santo wood, it is believed to release  highly vibrational purifying properties when burned. Shamanic history of South America tells us that the rich smoke of the palo santo will remove negativity internally and externally, as we as dissolve obstacles and attract good fortune.


Of equal importance, it is vital to purchase palo santo from a reputable source that ensures it has been sustainably harvested and prepared.


$4 per stick

Palo Santo

  • All sales are final. In case of a product arriving damaged, please email details to Selena at to arrange for a replacement or store credit.

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