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Blue Calcite Raw

Chakras: Throat

Blue Calcite aides by soothing and relaxing the emotional body and supporting the bones and joints in your physical body. It lends very strong transmutational properties and is excellent for clearing your aura. It also acts as an emotional sponge, protecting its wearer from any incoming energies. Further, any negative energies that filter through are transmuted back in the form of clear, positive energy. It also aides in opening channels of communication, promoting an optimistic point of view, rest and relaxation, and the ability to filter through emotional situations from a point of neutrality. Blue calcite can also work as a natural relaxant after an emotional trauma, lower blood pressure, aide in absorption of vitamins and minerals, ease nerve pain, arthritis and bone/joint pain, and gently soothe frazzled nerves. Known as a stone of the mind it is also useful for students and academics alike.

Blue Calcite Raw

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