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Readings by Mandy

Mandylee Staines is a first generation Canadian, B.C. born and raised. She is 38 years old and spends most of her time raising her two girls in beautiful Whiterock, BC. When she is not with her kids, she can be found spending her time working in a local metaphysical shop.

Mandylee spent every summer with her Grandparents as a child, never realizing that her Romany background would eventually play a huge roll in her life. All those years learning from her Grandmother were no accident. Tarot, dousing with pendulums and superstitions would all come to play an enormous part of her everyday life.


Like many people in their mid-twenties, Mandylee found herself immersed in a spiritual journey, full of ups and downs. One of the profound ‘ups’ was meeting her amazing husband, a Coastal Salish medicine man, who would teach her many new ways of connecting to our Creator. This opened a natural conduit and flow of beautiful, powerful people who would illuminate the way for her to dabble in healing through herbs.


As a self-proclaimed kitchen witch, Mandylee has connected with and honed her deep, innate knowledge of medicines, learned through her time spent with Salish elders. Later she would be offered a job at a local metaphysical store for her plethora of stone knowledge, where she curated exquisite methods of working and healing with powerful stones.

Like a sponge to water, Mandylee took to the metaphysical community and began working with friends in the local area creating facebook groups and pages where she would share rituals for Sabbats and moon cycles, as well as her knowledge of traditional Tarot.

Mandylee’s intuition is a superbly sharpened instrument, having been worked by her Romany Gypsy grandmother since childhood. Her divinely guided experiences have continued to teach her and ultimately guide her to where ever she is needed next. She looks forward to lovingly leaping into Seven Sacred Feathers as an intuitive guide for those who seek her.


Upon purchase, please email Mandylee at to arrange your reservation.

15min reading $30

30min reading $60

45min reading $90

60 min reading $120

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