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When you receive your order your first step will be to clear your crystals and align your energetic print and intentions with your new gemstone. There are many different ways to cleanse crystals and are all effective, so go with the method that most appeals to you.


Here are a few approaches for clearing your crystal companion.


Running water:

Running water over your crystal clears out residual energies. Visualize white light around the stone, asking the water to clear any stagnant or unuseful frequencies, allowing the crystal to align with wisdom, love, compassion, and connecting your intentions to the crystal.


Use other stones:

Selenite is a crystal that does not require clearing as its is pure white light and is a powerful clearer in its own right. It also aides in charging your crystals to help you along your journey to finding your true passion and gifts in this lifetime. Other crystals associated with purification are carnelian and clear quartz. You can place clearing crystals on to of gems that need clearing, or even keep them all together in a pouch or bag when traveling.


Sea Salt:

Non porous stones can always benefit from a sea salt soak. Allow your crystals to soak for up to 7 days, adding basil or lavender to assist in the clearing.


Moon baths and placing under a full moon:

Place crystals in need of clearing on a windowsill to soak up the moons powerful and refreshing energy. Likewise, leaving distilled water outdoors to be charged by the energy of the full moon and using it to bathe crystals is also an effective method for cleansing and clearing non-porous crystals.

Consider clearing and -recharging your crystals often, especially after use in healing sessions, if another person has handled them, or even if you rediscover a crystal you’ve had tucked away.

Once you have cleansed your crystal it is time to dive in and program, meditate and sit with them.


Sit in natural light or outdoors with your newly refreshed crystal in your left hand, as the left is our receiving side.


As you go within, quiet your mind and become a conduit of energetic flow. You may receive information on why the crystal chose you, envision purpose of the crystal or what the crystal is inviting you to work on. You may set your intentions with your crystal at this time, asking that the crystal be dedicated to that purpose. You may say these intentions aloud or to yourself, giving gratitude for your connection,


After programming and setting your intentions, store them where you feel drawn.  This may be near selenite, a special box or shelf, or in an organza bag. There is no wrong way to care and store your new found treasures. Trust your instincts and that you know where they need to be.


As mentioned previously, some crystals are porous and it is not suggested these be submerged in water. Some crystals, such as Selenite, will completely break down in water. Some crystals have the potential to break down and cause toxicity.  A good rule of thumb is to not submerge any crystals ending in ‘ite’, like selenite, lepidolite, amazonite, and malachite. It is important to do thorough research on the organic compound of your gemstone so you can care for and utilize her safely.  This is specifically important information when creating elixirs. While elixirs are an amazing method of enhancing your stones properties, it is important to know which are safe.

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