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Readings by Candice

With a philosophy of healing being her first priority and that your spirit knows exactly what it needs to heal itself and create positive transformation, Candice Kaia Rayne is an established practitioner of over 20 years.


As a Reiki Master and Teacher, Angel Practitioner, and Intuitive Practitioner, Candice also specializes in helping clients get clarity on their life purpose, gently easing them through a full clearing of any obstacles that prevent healing.


In addition to her healing and intuitive compendium, Candice also has a deeply honed expertise in Akashic record reading and healing, crystal and sound healing. Candice sees into the heart of the matter and will put into words what most have difficulty expressing. By intuiting and verbalizing her clients' heartfelt truths, she often inspires them to go after their own dreams without fear or doubt.


With sincere compassion and an honest, straightforward approach, a session with Candice combines Reiki and Angel work to assist those who wish to clear away obstacles that are interfering with getting on with their lives, whether it be life purpose, physical and emotional healing, or relationships. Candice has a particular love of helping others get in alignment with their soul’s purpose, and a session with her will leave your physical and energetic bodies feeling refreshed, homeostasically aligned and full of clarity.


You can learn more about Candice and her methods here

You can also check out Candice’s online shop here

Upon purchase of a session, please reach out to Candice at to schedule your reservation. Candice is open for reservations on Sundays between 12pm-8pm.


All sessions over Zoom audio.


15min reading $30

30min reading $60

45min reading $90

60 min reading $120

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