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Barb Drofenik

Barb Drofenik was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia. The mother of a wonderful 17-year-old young man, she has nurtured a lifelong passion of creativity, art, early childhood education, nature, animals and music.


Although not professionally trained, Barb works as a florist.  By utilizing her innate artistic abilities and talents, Barb creates gorgeously lush arrangements curated with flowers, plants and outside mediums.

Barb has a unique and very sacred method of creating. She loves to make custom pieces by repurposing old and unwanted items, whether it be a piece of scrap wood, small furniture or household items. As a music lover, many of Barb’s designs are inclusive of song lyrics and using old vinyl albums to create authentic pieces. When roaming the local thrift shop or neighborhood yard sales she finds items that she can envision as something totally different, new and beautiful, allowing her to breathe new life into every one of her creations.


Barb also loves to help people turn their visions into pieces of art by repurposing and customizing their unused items by creating something totally new. For custom pieces, please reach out to Barb independently at 

778-877-5424 or, or feel free to peruse her current collection here.


Learn more about Barb here

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